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It’s unusual for me to reblog any gif but I want to say through this gif that Taeyeon and and all the members are humans and some fans seem to forget it. Many people criticize the fact that she barely smiles at the airport (for example), but have it ever occur to you that she’s really tired, that she might miss her family and that she has problems like we all do? I’ve read some things saying that it’s because of Tiffany/Taeny that Taeyeon has become this “cold” person.. Well let me tell you, Tiffany is one of the persons that understands Taeyeon the most, you should know that by now and I don’t think you have seen Taeyeon unhappy when she’s around Tiffany.Taeyeon hides all the pain she has inside her and hides it with a smile, but like said, she’s a human. And she’s a human that I admire with all my heart, that many of us do. So think.. think before you say something about her being this “cold” person when most of you know that is not true AT ALL.

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